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Workers' compensation is the system administered by the State of California (not the federal government) to compensate workers who have been injured on the job. Cesare Lunetto and Edward Hegel have been representing the injured in their efforts to secure worker's compensation benefits since 1982, and their extensive knowledge and experience ensure that the rights of the injured will be protected in the system.

Injuries and Illnesses Eligible for Workers' Compensation

A job-related injury or illness may take place on the job site or off-site. Some of the more common workplace accidents that result in workers' compensation claims include:

  • defective equipment malfunctions, harming one or more workers nearby
  • toxic chemical-induced illness
  • motor vehicle accidents that occur during the course of work
  • contact with unsafe electrical equipment
  • a burn from a chemical splash or a fire
  • assault from a coworker
  • fall from a height or a slip-and-fall

One Event Or Repeated Exposure

The personal injury or illness that is eligible for workers' compensation may be due to one event on the job or it can be caused by repeated exposure—such as hearing damage, hurting one's wrist/hand due to repetitive motion, or damage to one's legs from extensive standing on the job. Even emotional (e.g., stress-related) illnesses may be eligible for workers' compensation.

Workers' Compensation Benefits in California

There are five categories of workers' compensation benefits in the California system:

  • medical care
  • temporary disability benefits
  • permanent disability benefits
  • job displacement benefits
  • death benefits

If you've been hurt on the job, you're entitled to medical treatment to cure or relieve you of the effects of your injury. If you're disabled (temporarily or permanently), you're entitled to disability benefits. If you are a qualified injured worker unable to do your job you will be entitled to a job displacement voucher, the amount of which depends on your percentage of permanent disability.

Seek Treatment and Document It

However, the workers' compensation system does not simply distribute these benefits without making sure that they're deserved. A worker who is injured on the job—or the family of a worker killed on the job—must apply for benefits and fully document the injury or fatality and all related medical treatment.

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Since the passing of SB 899 the workers' compensation system can be difficult to navigate, with many obstacles by the system, the employer, and insurance companies to overcome. To protect your rights and pursue the benefits to which you are legally entitled, contact our Santa Ana personal injury lawyers at their Southern California offices. We offer a free initial consultation and are happy to inform you of your rights.

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